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Terms of Service


These General Terms and Conditions (GTC) describe and regulate the relationship between visitors to the website CONFERENCE.NIT.BG and the organization behind it.

CONFERENCE.NIT.BG is a website for providing services at a distance - registration for educational courses, seminars and conferences that are held in person or online. The site is owned by NIT-Novi Internet Technologies EOOD, a company registered under the Commercial Law of the Republic of Bulgaria and entered in the Commercial Register with UIC: 130862189, called for short the "Company".

For the complete clarity of the current GTC, "User" means any visitors to the page CONFERENCE.NIT.BG, regardless of whether they fall under the definition of "user" within the meaning of the Consumer Protection Act (CPA) and whether they are registered, represent legal entities, individuals or are Clients within the meaning of these GTC.

Under "Client" in these GTC we will accept any User, natural or legal person who registers for participation in a training course on the site, regardless of whether he subsequently pays his fee for it and benefits from its implementation.

The company reserves the right to change its General Terms and Conditions, and the changes take effect immediately after their update at the address of the page CONFERENCE.NIT.BG. Users should check for changes in the General Terms and Conditions, and the Company is not obliged to inform them in any other way about changes, unless such obligations arise for the Company from the CPA and / or other Bulgarian legislation or international treaties that are applicable to of the Republic of Bulgaria.

Basic provisions of these general conditions:

CONFERENCE.NIT.BG is a website for providing services at a distance - registration for educational courses, seminars and conferences, which are held in person or online;

CONFERENCE.NIT.BG provides the User with the opportunity to register for training courses, through which to reserve a place to participate.

The services provided by the Company are diverse and can be dynamically supplemented and modified in order to improve and expand them. Each course, seminar or conference has a separate date, place, lecturer and other characteristics that are specific only to him and in this sense each visitor must be informed about the individual parameters of the service provided.

Services of CONFERENCE.NIT.BG and way of their use:

The site CONFERENCE.NIT.BG provides an opportunity for registration in educational courses, seminars and conferences, which are held in person or online. The use of the site itself is completely free, and for some of these services may require additional registration by the user.

The registration for a training course, seminar or conference must be done by providing data necessary for the Company to identify the user and provide payment information to pay for the service.

Responsibilities of Parties

The Company is not liable to Users, Customers or third parties in the following situations:

Force majeure circumstances that may lead to cancellation, postponement, change in the place of the training course, its program or other details related to its organization and conduct.

The Company does not guarantee that the access to the website CONFERENCE.NIT.BG will be uninterrupted, timely, secure and free from errors, as far as this is beyond the capabilities, control and will of the Company.

The company is not responsible for failure to provide access to CONFERENCE.NIT.BG, as well as for non-processing or untimely processing of applications for registration, in the event of circumstances beyond its control - cases of force majeure, accidental events, problems with Internet providers, problems in the global Internet and in the provision of services outside the control of the Company.

The Company is not responsible for failure to provide services in circumstances beyond its control - cases of force majeure, accidental events, problems in the global Internet and in the provision of services beyond the Company's control, as well as in case of unauthorized access or intervention by third parties. persons in the operation of the information system or server.

When using the site CONFERENCE.NIT.BG the Client undertakes:

to indicate correct data: name, surname, name of the legal entity (if applicable), UIC (if applicable), valid e-mail, contact telephone number and other data necessary for the provision of a service by the Company;
not to provide false or invalid requests or other false information.
When using the site CONFERENCE.NIT.BG the Client has the right to:

to receive a reserved place for a training course, seminar or conference after successful registration, in accordance with these General Terms and Conditions and the agreement between the parties;
to get acquainted with the full program of the event for which he has registered;
to contact the organizers through the contact information filled in on the site.


Data protection:

The company is registered as a Personal Data Administrator under the LPPD with a certificate number, and has the right to collect, process and use information about its users when the person registers as a Client, filling out a registration form on the site. The information by which the person can be identified may include name, surname, e-mail address, as well as any other information that the person provides voluntarily upon registration. The information includes any other that the User enters, uses or provides when ordering, receiving or using goods and services through the platform CONFERENCE.NIT.BG, participation in promotions, raffles and competitions, filling out questionnaires, questionnaires, forms and more.

Processing of User Information:

The Company takes due care and is responsible for the protection of information about the User, which became known to him on the occasion of providing services - subject to these GTC, except in cases of force majeure, accident or culpable actions of third parties, in full compliance with LPPD and applicable international instruments.

By agreeing to these GTC, the User agrees that the information about him be processed in the manner prescribed therein.

Purposes for which the information may be used:

The Company collects and uses the information for the purposes provided in these GTC, as well as for offering new goods and / or services to the User (free or paid), for promotions, for organizing raffles, inquiries, surveys, if the user has given his explicit consent to receive such information and has not withdrawn the same, to adjust the services offered to the preferences of the User, for statistical, etc .. The described purposes for which the information is used are not exhaustively listed and do not give rise to obligations for the Company.

The Company undertakes not to disclose any personal information about the User and not to provide the collected information to third parties - government agencies, companies, individuals and others, except in cases where:

has received the explicit consent of the User upon registration or at a later time;
the information is requested by state bodies or officials, who according to the current legislation are authorized to request and collect such information in compliance with the legally established procedures;
other cases specified by law.

Invalidity, Governing laws

The Parties declare that in the event that any of the clauses of these General Terms and Conditions prove to be invalid, this will not invalidate other clauses or parts thereof. The invalid clause will be replaced by the imperative rules of law or established commercial practice.

For any issues not covered by these General Conditions, the provisions of the applicable legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria shall apply.

The website automatically tracks and collects the following technical information: IP address, user's Internet service provider, server domain, country and location, type and version of the browser used when visiting the site, screen resolution and technical information, date and the time at which the site was visited, the address through which the user came, sections of the pages he viewed.